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My Story

Matt Perkins is a dedicated ministry development coach with over thirty years of leadership experience in influential churches across the United States. Matt, a seasoned worship leader, excels at leveraging the power of music and technology to inspire and connect others with God. His contributions extend beyond the local church, enriching the broader faith community through his contributions to worship publications, podcasts, and conferences. His passion is evident: guiding others to lead effectively and navigate the complex world of local church ministry.

Through personal triumphs and tragedies, Matt has honed a deep understanding of life's many challenges. The devastating loss of his wife of 26 years to breast cancer instilled profound empathy for those dealing with significant loss. In 2017, Matt found love again with his now-wife, Kari. She was also widowed in 2015 after the sudden loss of her husband, a children's pastor. Together, they have a blended family of seven kids.

Their experiences with loss led them to found Grief to Growth™, a transformative program designed to assist those grappling with the pain of losing someone or something significant. Matt and Kari have provided solace and guidance to countless individuals, aiding them in navigating their grief and journey toward a renewed sense of purpose.

Matt Perkins is a dedicated leader and committed mentor who leverages his depth of experience and spirit of resilience to transform lives. He continues to engage, equip, and empower others in life and leadership.

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