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Why the Transition Indicator?

  • Understanding & Insight: Discover what's holding you back and the areas where you can grow.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Receive an email with your unique results and tailored steps to move forward.
  • Clarity & Confidence: Eliminate confusion by pinpointing precisely what to do next.
  • Access to Expert Coaching: Schedule a free discovery call with Life and Ministry Development Coach, Matt Perkins, to take your understanding to the next level.

How the Assessment Works

  1. Sign Up for the Free Assessment: Just click the link below.
  2. Complete the Assessment: It takes only a few minutes and is entirely online.
  3. Receive Your Results: Your personalized results will be emailed, providing insights and actionable steps.
  4. Schedule Your Discovery Call: Utilize your results with a one-on-one consultation with Coach Matt Perkins.

Benefits of the Transition Indicator

  • Gain Immediate Insight
    • Understand where balance may be needed
    • Identify what's truly important in your transition
    • Get actionable strategies to implement immediately
  • Receive Personalized Guidance
    • A customized email with your specific results
    • Personalized steps to move forward, tailored to your unique situation
    • Free discovery call to provide additional clarity and support
  • Move Forward with Confidence
    • Say goodbye to confusion and uncertainty.
    • Leverage your assessment results to make confident life andĀ ministry decisions.
    • Benefit from ongoing support from a certified development coach.

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